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Unlock your mind and prepare to suspend old perceptions as first time novelist Dorothy Griggs takes you on an entertaining yet thought provoking journey into the lives of three very distinct women.

When their paths unexpectedly merge at the crossroads of hope and despair, they unconsciously size one another up and quickly arrive at the conclusion that the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are Black and female.

Witness their often hilarious, at times piercing, but always honest transformation as they journey toward true self-discovery and grow to realize that they share much more than melanin and estrogen, that essentially they are...Sisters in Spirit.


Each of us must experience a moment of reckoning if we are to live life courageously and authentically.  Dorothy Griggs has done just that.  Here she bravely shares her examination of her life viewed through the distorted lenses of racism and colorism, that she refers to as some of life's "curious inconsistencies".  

Bear witness to her private, inner-dialogue and reflections as she unearths some buried pain, tend to her bruised psyche, to finally arrive at a place where she is happy, whole and secure in her brown skin.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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