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Writing Spaces

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Writer Virginia Woolf popularized the theory that a woman needs a room of one’s own in which to create. And while this arrangement is ideal for both men and women, it is not always possible. At bare minimum, what you will need is a space or nook where you can go that guarantees that you will not be interrupted.

Do I have a room of my own? No, but I do have a room that I can lock the door behind me and have peace and solitude until I choose to reenter the shared family spaces. My husband and I once tried to share a working space, but I like – no, correction - I need to work in solitude, and he prefers to work while listening to music, so that arrangement was short-lived. Know what conditions are required to allow you to tap into your well of creativity, and do not comprise. Talk to your family and explain the importance of having uninterrupted time. Hang a sign on the door, if necessary. Honor what you are doing, and others will honor it as well.

Laptops provide the ease of utilizing every space in your home, and spaces outside of your home as well. Coffee houses are unofficial work spaces for many creatives. If you have a desktop computer, simply utilize pen and paper when you want or need to work in a different environment. The actual space is not too important, so long as it is a place where you feel comfortable and feel safe. Certain public spaces would not be ideal because when you are writing, you want to lose yourself to your writing and not have to be acutely aware of your environment.

But wherever you write, and whatever tools you use, be certain to return all of your writing and related materials to one designated spot. If you don’t have an office or desk drawer, simply store your writing in a box with a lid. The main point is that when you feel inspired, or have the time or desire to write, you will not waste your time or energy tracking down your writing materials. Make a habit of storing it all together; we’ll touch on how to begin to organize it at a later date.

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